Friday, January 29, 2010

What A Storm!

Here's my favorite picture of the storm! Mainly because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy after being a nervous wreck about this storm for 7 days! WHAT IF... What if nothing fell? What if the storm completely fell apart after we talked about it for SEVERAL days? Would we still rule? Would you still watch? Would you believe us?

I don't think you guys know how much we stress over our forecast. You guys buy milk, bread, batteries, cancel schools, and change your lives based on the forecast. If it does not happen, that is a HUGE burden on us! I'm literally a nervous wreck until the storm passes! Just for giggles and laughs, here's the forecast from 6 days ago taken straight from the aircheck... This was on Saturday, so it's Justin's (J-Lo) forecast. Not too shabby J-Lo!

As you can see, the winter storm was in the forecast 6 days out. Once again, props to J-Lo for pinpointing this last Saturday!

Before I sign off of the blog tonight, I want to share a couple of my favorite pictures sent in... One is of Le Le from the Memphis Zoo and one was titled... "It's cold outside"... You can see other pics and videos at THE LOOP by clicking here.

Have a great night!


Chrystal said...

AWW! My pic was your favorite! You are welcome! We tune in faithfully every week night.

Heidi said...

I had bad dreams all last night ... that I'd wake up and the ground would be bare except for sleet, and there would be a massive dry-slot on the water vapor image shredding north-central AR. I like real life and my 11-12"!

Karen H. said...

Ryan, KAIT8 will always Rule in my house. Hey, you can't outsmart or outdo Mother Nature. She will do whatever she pleases. I might have been a little disappointed if we didn't get any Snow, but, hey this is Arkansas and we never know what to expect here. I have been enjoying the Snow and took several pictures yesterday off and on. It was beautiful. I even made some Snow Cream yesterday afternoon for me and the girls. KAIT8 does a wonderful job on everything. I watch it FAITHFULLY every day and every night. If someone in the house is watching something else and it's time for the News to come on, I tell them they have to switch it on Channle 8 for me. LOL. Yall keep up the great work. I will always tune in to KAIT8. The picture is absolutely right: KAIT8 RULES REGION 8. Have a great weekend.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

princess said...


You do a fantastic job! All of KAIT does! We usually watch KAIT twice a day. You're our favorite local "celebrity"!

~Paula L.