Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Storm Brewing?

It's still a few days out and A LOT CAN CHANGE! With that said, I hope the data does start changing. At this time, Region 8 could be dealing with a major Winter Storm on Thursday and Friday. The"type" of precipitation is going to be critical and tough to forecast. With a change in temperature in height, we could see every kind of precip. Latest data suggests we will start as rain, then change to freezing rain and sleet, and then to snow.

It's way too early to talk about amounts, BUT the icing could be significant and the snowfall could be significant. Let's hope we trend warmer and this is all rain with temperatures above 32°. That would be alot nicer than what the data is suggesting!

Remember, the above graph is a computer model and not a forecast. The time goes from right to left. In addition to the winter storm, it shows VERY cold air for the weekend.



Heidi said...

I stand resolute in my convictions that this one will be almost all snow. OH YES IT WILL!! We are cranking up the generator just in case, though, since those 30+ knt surface winds could create a lot of problems too. ... Always best to BE PREPARED.

(Should we mention that this will fall on the 1-year anniversary of, well, you know... that thing that happened at the end of January '09.)

Rhonda said...

A friend of mine forecast snow before you even reported it. She based her prediction on an Old Wives' Tale that predicts snow XX days after a thunderstorm . . . I believe we have had THREE recently!

Josh Waters said...

Ryan, I think Jonesboro could see some of the Worst in the state. The precip will hit Jonesboro right at dark and I believe alot of ice will fall at the beginning and could see .25-.50 in of ice then 1-2 inches of snow on top of it. It's early but right now that's what I'm thinking. Check out my blog If you have time!