Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Quake Detected in Region 8

Once again, we could see signs of the Chile Earthquake with the Helicorders in Region 8. A normal day with little to no activity looks like the first image which is the helicorder from 2 days ago. This is from Lepanto, AR, but all of the area helicorders had the same result.

This next one is from the overnight hours and you can see the shaking of the Earth! It's quite amazing actually! Does this mean there is a risk for us? From what I have studied, I do not think so. It's interesting to see the detection from Region 8 though!

NOW, there is a threat of a Tsunami. I encourage you to see the links from to see the coverage from the Raycom Media Network in Hawaii. Great coverage from our coworkers in Hawaii.


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