Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Damage Tonight

Well, the greatest amount of damage today came from the Marmaduke area. Here's a screen capture of the radar when the storm came through. I won't rule out that it was a VERY weak tornado, but I would bet on straight line winds.

The above image is the velocity data from the storm and there is some "broad" rotation. I can see some inflow on the East side of town (where the damage was located) and I can see some winds coming from the NW on the west side of town. Sure, that is rotation... but a lot of storms rotate. It's not "tight" rotation.

The damage looked a lot worse than what it actually was too... Just looking at the above photo, it appears that someone's home was destroyed. HOWEVER, this is a manufactured home located at a business that SELLS mobile homes. I did not take this picture, but I wonder how well this home was anchored to the ground... if at all. In addition, there was some minor damage to the Subway and American Railcar (ARI).

I'm not sure if the NWS is going to survey the damage, but if they do... I'll pass along their findings.


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