Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mugginess May Leave Again

Early in the week, we had a nice dip in the dewpoints which made it feel much more refreshing. It did not last long and we had dewpoints right back into the 70s within 48 hours. Well, it appears we are going to see another break from the mugginess this week.

The above graph shows several data sources regarding the dewpoints through next weekend (click to enlarge). The bright green line is the 70° threshold and the dark green line is the 60° dewpoint threshold. This trend downward would have the dewpoints into the 50s at times this week!

Let me put this into plain English. When the dewpoints are in the 50s, a 90 degree temperature feels like 90° and not 105°. Even though the temperatures will be warm, the air will be drier and more refreshing.

Also, when the dewpoints are lower (drier air) we tend to see cooler overnight low temperatures. Therefore, it will feel pretty good when the kids head out to school in the morning!


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