Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NW Flow Continues

We have a Northwest Flow across Region 8. Do you like it? :) Some of you may be asking, what is a Northwest flow? Well, the above map is the 500mb map for Saturday evening according to the midday run of the GFS model. It's not "too" far off from what we have now.

A Northwest flow is when the upper-level flow is coming from the Northwest (simple enough). This keeps low level moisture away, advects cooler air into the area, and could give us a breezy NW wind. Sound familiar?

In the above map, you can follow the flow by looking at the lines of equal thickness. The wind will flow along those lines. I drew arrows on the map to illustrate. (Click to enlarge.) This map shows what the upper-flow may be following a reinforcing cold front on Friday morning.

Here's my point. We are in a dry, comfortable, NW Flow and it looks like it may stick around through the weekend!

Enjoy it!

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