Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Still Watching This Weekend

I love it when the forecast does not change much. It still appears that the pattern is becoming more active and we should get some rain this weekend. In fact, I think most of Region 8 will see a one inch rainfall. The best chance appears to be Sunday, SOOO if you have plans to go to the ASU game at Noon on Saturday, I bet it will be dry. The better rain chance comes late Saturday. 

The above image shows the upper-level low. It will track NE over the next few days to influence our weather this weekend. At this point, I'm not too worked up for severe weather, All of the parameters aren't there.

Stay tuned!


Mac said...

cool new look blog ryan. i from jonesboro but live in little rock so i check out todds blog on katv. looks like he improved his site as well. i dont post much but always start checking this time of year. im definitely a winter weather nerd and will start checking weather models on regular basis pretty soon.

great site man. keep up the quality posts and update us on rain arrival thoughts for saturday. red wolves need a win and i need a dry seat.

ian said...

Thanks for the informative post and for actually replying to your readers’ comments. That’s something I don’t see very many blog owners doing and that makes me frustrated. Keep up the good work and I’ll continue coming back here to learn more....