Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Did The Forecast Pan Out?

Take a look at my forecast from 60 hours by clicking here. Overall, I'm pleased! There was a little more snow in the Ozarks, generally 1-2", but overall, I'm pleased. Here's a map from Little Rock's National Weather Service estimating the snowfall:
As you can see, there was a little more in the north central part of the state than I realized 60 hours out. Here's another map. This one is from the Memphis National Weather Service. I see that they have "0.8" for Paragould, BUT I had 1.75" at my house. Some parts of Paragould had 2". In any case, here's the map:
You can click either one of these images to enlarge them. Overall, I'm pleased with our forecast here at KAIT. Justin did a great job tweaking the maps through the weekend and as the snow started to fall, the accumulations fell right into place. Since Thursday night, we said that Jonesboro would likely see 1-2" of snow. Woot!

Not every storm will pan out like this! We were fortunate on this one!

Bring on the next one... Then Spring!

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