Monday, January 24, 2011

MAYBE Some Snow

Snow is POSSIBLE Late Tuesday into Tuesday night across a sliver of Region 8 (notice the swath of white), but it is not definite! As an upper-level low really starts cranking down on the Midsouth, we could see some of the rain switch to some wet snow. Here's the problem... this could happen with temperatures above freezing at the surface. Meaning, the snowflakes fall and do not have time to melt before hitting the ground. So, even if we see some snow in parts of Region 8, I do NOT expect problems on the road.

I really expect someone is West TN to get a decent snowfall though! I'm excited to watch it unfold tomorrow night. I'm packing my popcorn and plan on camping out in front of radar.

I'll need your help tomorrow. If you change over to snow, send me a pic at

Have a great night,

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