Thursday, January 06, 2011

Snow Possible Next Week

You may have seen me tweet that I'd be surprised if my kids went to school all five days next week. I'm sticking by that for now, BUT it appears the heaviest threat may be south of us. LOOK at the latest GFS model snow output:
Look at South Arkansas! 6-8" of snow! Now, take a deep breath and remember that this is a model and not a forecast. Let's talk about what we do know... or at least what we think as of now. I'm pretty sure we will be cold enough for all snow, BUT I'm not sold on the moisture yet. Below is the morning GFS model in BUFKIT to graph out what it showing... as of now:
All blue bars =  all snow. This is not a TON of snow though. Generally 1-3" across Region 8 with higher amounts near I-40 and Little Rock.

Something else to note.... This will come in two waves for us. First chance of snow comes from a low passing to our south. The next wave comes from an upper-level disturbance coming in from the NW. Neither provide a lot of moisture, but enough to mess up the roads and to cause some travel problems.

This is NOT in stone yet and there is some data to suggest we may see more snow here in Region 8. For the heck of it,  let's look at the GEM and it's snow output:
It "nudges" the deeper moisture a little farther north and gives us a "little" more snow.

Regardless, I still think some kids will miss some school next week due to the OVERALL PATTERN. We'll see. Stay tuned...



Jeremy said...

I can tell you're starting to get really exited about this. You know you don't get out of work if it snows right? HA HA

Seriously, thanks for the maps and info.

Brian said...

Do I need to put Weights in the truck before Sunday. If it gets slick without them, I won't move.. I guess I should put them in as a precaution since we're not sure what we're getting yet!