Saturday, February 05, 2011

Two Chances For Snow

There are two chances for snow over the next few days. First off, Wednesday looks to be the most promising day.We have a storm passing through tomorrow, but I'm not 100% sold on it accumulating, but we'll have to watch and see. IF we can changeover to snow before the storm exits, we may pickup an inch of snow again by Monday morning. That's the blue lines on the left. THEN, Wednesday we have a low pressure passing to our south with cold air in place. It's possible to see 3-5" of snow from that system! Here's the map for Wednesday:
My forecast for this winter called for a few "nuisance" winter storms... one big winter storm... and a tornado outbreak before March. We have had some little winter storms. Wednesday may be our big winter storm... and then we will warm up in 2 weeks. Could that be the fuel for storms before the end of the month? It may be... Look at the temperatures in 2 weeks! 60s and maybe some 70s in the region are not out of the question:
Here's the deal... February is going to be a month when you want to stay with us to catch the latest forecast! It could get a little bumpy!


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Karen H. said...

I'll take the Snow, but not any Tornado's. Too early for that.