Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Is Not Over

Honestly, I have not even heard if the groundhog in Pennsylvania or Georgia saw his or her shadow, but I can guarantee you that winter is not over. Below is a program we use to display various weather data. The timestamp goes from right to left. I'm showing accumulated precipitation (blue is snow, green is rain), temperature (red line), dewpoint (green line), and clouds. Hopefully, this is pretty simple to read...
It shows the disturbance moving through the southern part of the US that may impact us a little on Friday, but the larger concern is Monday and Monday Night. If this played out, we would see a pretty good snowfall on Monday into Monday night. It's still too early to get real excited, but it's something we all need to be aware of at this point. Models are not exactly coming together just yet.... Another thing to watch is the COLD air coming in next week! This is a look at possible lows one morning next week:
Notice the SINGLE digit lows in the area! We'll watch all of this closely over the next few days.

Stay tuned!


Jason H said...

Hopefully we will go under a Winter Storm Watch Sunday so I can bug you some more on Twitter about the weather again. :-)

Karen H. said...

According to the live shot on Good Morning Region 8 yesterday morning, the Groundhog in Pennsylvania didn't see his shadow. I didn't even know Georgia had one and what about Jim Frego? Did he do his Groundhog thing and what was his outcome? Have a great week Ryan and "THANK YOU" for always keeping us informed here in Region 8.

Karen Horton