Thursday, April 28, 2011

Craighead County Tornado

I'm waiting to get some data from the National Climatic Data Center, but in the meantime, here's the storm that had a tornado with it in Craghead County around 3:00 PM today. The above image is the storm from a county wide view. You can see the Severe Thunderstorm Warning it had with the yellow box around it. We were already on air for this storm for 10-15 minutes at this time. We had initially cut in because of the threat of large hail at the same time schools were dismissing for the day. This next image is zoomed in at street-level:
At this point, a tornado was on the ground. By now, you have likely seen the video. In the above image, the tornado was causing damage near "Pump It Up" on Highway 1... Fast forward 8 minutes:
We were still on the air as it came through Bay. We still had a visual on the tornado as it crossed Highway 63, near 463.This next image is from 3:14: 
At 3:14, the tornado had caused damage in Lake City. At some point between Lake City and Monette, it pulled up and the storm weakened.

Here's our coverage of the severe weather when we first started to think that we may have a tornado. Can you tell that I'm sick of the 4th day of severe weather?

As I mentioned, I'm waiting to get some data from the NCDC and I'll post some velocity images.

Have a great night!

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