Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Morning Update

We have had some heavy rain fall across parts of Region 8!Look at the radar estimates so far:
If you notice, over 5" of rain has fallen in parts of the area! As if that were not bad enough, we have MORE rain coming. In fact, some of the heaviest rain will come over the next 3 days. I have a HUGE concern about the area rivers! Some places may see some flooding that ranks in the Top 5. While we run the risk of severe storms with tornadoes, please take the flooding threat seriously.
High resolution model data suggest heavy storms again this evening. Some of these storms will be severe and as you see in the image above, they could drop over 3" of rain. It gets even worse tonight...
More rain over the same areas! It may shift a little farther south, but still a huge impact. While all of this is going on, some parts of Region 8, like Cross and Mississippi Counties are missing most of this rain. The rivers across all of Region 8 will be on the rise regardless of how much rain any particular place received.

Be safe and stay tuned into the Region 8 StormTEAM over the next few days.


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