Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday Night Into Friday Morning

First off, most of Thursday will be dry. The storms are expected Thursday night into Friday. While the threat for severe weather is high in parts of Oklahoma and Western AR tomorrow evening, the risk greatly drops off as the night goes on! Here's is the Tornado Potential as indicated by our in-house computer model for tomorrow evening:
Notice that the greatest risk is in Oklahoma at 6PM tomorrow evening. If I were chasing tomorrow, I would be setup about 25 miles East of Tulsa. There will be a lot of chasers in that area tomorrow evening! As the storms move East, they will lose their daytime heating. We will still see thunderstorms, BUT the tornado threat should go down. Here's the tornado potential for 1AM on Friday according to StormCAST:
Big difference, huh? As I said, storms are still likely Thursday Night into Friday morning, but we're hoping they have more bark than bite! As the storms move East of us, they will intensify AGAIN in TN, MS, and AL on Friday.

Stay tuned for any changes!

PS- For those wondering, the above product is the EHI product. It combines the "Spin" and "Instability" to come up with the tornado risk.

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Donny said...

I am actually watching tuesday/wednesday next week myself if the shear increases we could be in serious trouble