Monday, April 04, 2011

The Week Ahead

We're watching a couple of things in the week ahead. First off, it's not going to be chilly long. 70s return by Wednesday. As far as rain/storms are concerned, we have a couple of disturbances we are watching. In the above image (click to enlarge), it shows Thursday evening. In the upper-left frame, you see the upper-level disturbance that will be passing through. That's the bright colors! ;) The lower-left frame shows the warm, juicy dewpoints they may aid in a couple of storms. Rain chances will be low, but still possible. The big window shows the surface low coming into Kansas and a decent southerly flow and some precip noted.

This next image is Sunday evening:

Notice on Sunday, the upper-level disturbance is stronger. Also, notice the dewpoints map shows a stout dry punch into the state. The surface low is shown to our north in the big frame with some precipitation noted again.

So in summary, I think we'll see some storms this week, but not a ton of rain. Temperatures will warm through the week, with some 80s by the weekend.

Have a great week!

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Creek said...

What is the name of the new program you are using. Is it available to the public?