Friday, April 22, 2011

Wind Damage in Mississippi County

Here's the radar image at 10:33 PM on Tuesday night as severe storms started to slam into parts of Mississippi County. There were tornado warnings and we were on the air, but straight-line winds ended up being the greatest threat. As in the previous blog post, let's look at the velocity data. This radar image is from 10:42 PM. Click to enlarge:
This image shows HIGH winds from Keiser to Marie, Bassett,and Joiner. The northern edge of this blast of air is in the Osceola area. Much like the previous blog post, we have some aliasing issues in the above radar image. Do you see the bright reds inside the bright green? That's another aliasing issue. Those bright red areas near Dyes and Tyronza can be assumed to be bright green. If you notice, the worst of it is going into Keiser and Osceola. This matches up well with the damage we have been seeing in that area.

In addition to the straight line winds, look at the MO bootheel. We had some funnel cloud reports near Holland and Cooter at this time.

I would type more, but I'm tired and I'm going to sleep!


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Rachel Carroll said...

Hey Ryan,

Will you do a blog about the severe weather we are supposed to be getting next week? I want to hear your point of view for the region. I hear it is supposed to be pretty bad Monday-Wednesday.