Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bon Voyage!

Being a person that can get motion sick from riding in the back seat of a car for a couple of miles, I was a little concerned about this trip. All 50 of us from Region 8 boarded the ship, ate lunch, and went back out to enjoy the skyline of Vancouver. We sailed away at 5:00 and had a GREAT view of the city. At this point, we were still not sure if we had our luggage or not, but we did not care that much... we were having fun!
One of my favorite things at the start of the cruise was watching the float planes take off and land. This is not something we see too often in Arkansas! At this point, we were just getting to know everyone on the trip. It's amazing how we went from being strangers to good friends in a week! On the first evening, my wife and I hung out on the deck enjoying the scenery.
The bridge seen above is similar to the Golden Gate bridge. It was pretty cool to see as we left. There were some kids looking over the edge waving at us and the Captain blew the horn a couple of times, which scared me to death.

Still no luggage, but happy :)

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