Monday, June 06, 2011

Hurricane Season and Region 8

The above image shows the paths of the tropical systems that have impacted Jonesboro within 100 miles. If you notice, we have reasons to watch the tropics closely. If you recall, on a Sunday morning in September of 2008, we had the remnants of Hurricane Ike plow through Region 8. It brought down trees and power lines, and knocked out the power to 200,000 customers. It spawned 5 tornadoes and killed someone. In addition, it caused millions of dollars in damage to crops in Arkansas.
So what about 2011? I always enjoy reading the forecasts from Phil Klotzbach from Colorado State University. I had the opportunity to meet him a couple of years ago and heard him speak about hurricanes. He is a very bright guy. Here's 2011 forecast is below and you can read the entire forecast by clicking here.

So as we move further into the Hurricane Center, know that we will be tracking the storms closely as well!

Have a great night!

PS- Next blog will be about what an MCS is...

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