Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heat Now, But Relief In... 10 days?

The above map is the upper-level map for today. While it may looks a little confusing, focus on the circle that I put text on.... That's the ridge of high pressure. That is what has kept us mostly dry today, with the exception of a few isolated storms. As we head into the middle of the week, we see more heat and the ridge is still strong on us:
So, in the above image (Wed) it still shows a hot and rather dry pattern, BUT we may see some changes in about 10 days! Look at this image from the GFS model for 10 days out:
The above image is for July 27th. It shows the center of high pressure (ridge) west of us and a trough (u-shaped feature) over us and the Eastern part of the USA. This would be a wetter and cooler pattern for us! Could this happen? We'll see... I won't be here on the 27th, so if it happens... enjoy it for me. :)

PS- When I say cooler, I mean highs in the 80s versus 90s and 100s. Fall is still several weeks away, so don't get too excited!

Have a good day!


Karen H. said...

I like the weather pattern that could happen in 10 days. Just dreading all this heat coming up. I'm so ready for Fall and even Winter. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karen Horton

Dan Satterfield said...

of course, the NW flow aloft means we will likely have some busted forecasts Ryan!
I will take that over this heat though!

Doing What is Best for Kids said...

Ryan, Thank you for taking time to take a pix with me as my family and I traveled through the area! I enjoyed perusing your blog. Great work!!