Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Early Signs of Wintry Weather?

It may be 7 days out, but we're going to have to watch next week closely. As shallow cold air lingers around Region 8, and an area of low pressure moves south of us... we may have to watch for ice. The pattern supports this icy-looking setup. It's what we call an "overrunning" event, where warmer air goes up and over the cold <32 air. The result is typically icy. It's too early to get worried and definitely too early to say if we will have problems, but it's not too early to keep an eye on next Tuesday, February 4th. Stay tuned.
Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Check out the Farmers Almanac for next week. Pretty much say the same thing!

Marsha Mays Carwell said...

Haha! My birthday is Feb. 5th Ryan, and more times than not in the last 31 years, some type of wintry weather is on the ground that day! :) Can't say I'm surprised! #borninanicestorm

Martha said...

No Ryan!!! Make it go away!!!