Saturday, February 01, 2014

Final, Night-Before Prediction

I've looked at the evening data, chatted with the team, and thrown some darts. Here's what I think will happen tomorrow in a simple explanation:

  • Winter Weather Advisory
  • Travel problems are highly likely.
  • I expect some school districts to close on Monday.
  • We will start the morning with scattered rain or drizzle.
  • Between 10am-Noon on Sunday, sleet and freezing rain overspreads most of Region 8.
  • By 3PM on Sunday afternoon, most places should switch to all sleet.
  • By 6PM Sunday evening, a sleet/snow mix should be taking place.
  • Precipitation moves out by midnight.
  • Accumulations will vary greatly based on the type of precipitation. I explain WHY in this video: click here.
  • While the "type" of precipitation is in question, it appears most of Region 8 will see some type of frozen precipitation.
  • Be careful!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We couldn't ask for a better weather man, and weather team. Thank you ryan for all you do and the time you take to keep us up to date.