Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rain, Wind, and Some Snow?

Despite the catchy title, I'm not overly concerned about the snow threat this weekend. The most disruptive weather will be rain and wind. Here are some bullet points for those making plans this weekend:

  • Most of Saturday will be dry during the day.
  • Late in the day, rain moves in.
  • Heavy rain tonight.
  • Some areas will still have steady showers on Sunday Morning.
  • Rain tapers through the day on Sunday.
  • As cold air work in and precipitation exits, some flakes of snow may fall.
  • No problems expected. Kids are going to school on Monday!
We are trying to use more "impact" driven graphics. Instead of showing you a map of a model guessing how much rain you are going to get to the hundredth of an inch, we are going to show you how the rain could impact you and when the greatest chance for it to impact you might occur. For example, here is the Rain Threat Index for the weekend, showing the greatest chance to be soggy is tonight:
If you are going to be out late tonight, it's going to be WET, but also WINDY! Here are two maps showing the rain and showing the wind speeds across Arkansas:
It could still be pretty soggy and breezy on Sunday morning, but the rain will be tapering off through the day. As cold air comes in, the precipitation will be coming to an end. However, there MAY be a brief period of snow showers late on Sunday. Despite some of the rumors on Facebook and over the internet, this does not appear to be a big snow storm... at all. Things can always change and I try not to say much about other forecasts, especially before the weather occurs.... But kids will be in school on Monday morning!

Have a great weekend and stay dry! 


Shawnna said...

What is the chances of the snow for Sunday how much just wondering I rather not drive in it if I Dnt have too some ppl does have to wrk to take care of bills and kids


kristie sanders said...

Love the "impact" graphics. Great job.