Thursday, April 24, 2014

Severe Weather Today

There is a chance of severe weather today. We have outlined an area where we think there is a medium risk of severe storms. That area includes most of Region 8. At this time, we are expecting a line of storms (maybe 2 lines) to form later in the afternoon and evening. The main threats will be lightning, hail, and wind, but a tornado can not be ruled out.
I am speaking to the Harrisburg Rotary at lunch today. Justin and Andrew will be programming weather radios at the Bartons in Paragould. All three of us are on standby to go into work as soon as the threat starts to increase. This is what radar may look like at 7PM this evening:
I expect the storms to be strong enough to be severe starting around 4PM and the threat should be gone by 10PM.

I'll be posting updates on Twitter at and instant watches and warnings will come from


Anonymous said...

At least we can all go to sleep without too much worry at a fairly decent hour. Thanks for the updates Ryan, they are always appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan for the good job you and your team do!