Saturday, April 26, 2014

Timing of Sunday's Severe Weather

Good evening everyone. It's 9:40 PM and this is the first time I have looked at data since this morning. To be honest, I have spent the entire day with my family and I have no regrets. We're home from a full day of basketball, swimming, and biking. I'm digging into the data and based on what everyone asked me today, you want to know about the TIMING of the storms tomorrow. Let's answer those questions and more. First, here are the bullet points for tonight:

  • Severe weather is LIKELY Sunday evening and Sunday night.
  • Severe weather is possible on Monday.
  • I now believe the severe weather threat will be EAST of Region 8 on Tuesday.
  • Strong wind, large hail, and even tornadoes are possible.
Let's talk more about the timing. Some of the data suggests that we could have some thunderstorms develop across Region 8 between 10AM-1PM. These storms could be a little strong, but the the stronger storms should be later in the day. In a volatile atmosphere, we have to watch every storm. Therefore, we will be on standby in case these storms become severe.
After these move out, I think a good part of the afternoon will be warm and humid... and maybe nice. The stronger storms should start developing between 3PM-5PM west and southwest of Region 8:
By 8PM, I expect that we will have severe storms in Region 8 and I would not be surprised if we were not on-air with tornado warnings. I hope we are wrong. I pray that we are wrong. If this storm is a total flop, I will be so happy that we are wrong. I cheer for people and not tornadoes. With that said, radar might look something like this tomorrow night by 8PM. Do not focus on where the storms are located, but rather the overall "look" at what we could be dealing with tomorrow night. This is a model:
This could be a severe weather event that lasts into the overnight. You and your family need a way to get warnings while you sleep. If you have a weather radio, check the switch on the side to make sure it is on. If you have our App, make sure the notifications are turned on. If you want to get text messages with severe weather alerts, follow the directions below. The Region 8 Storm TEAM wants you to have as many options as possible to get the alerts to take cover!

I'm signing off for now, but let me stress again... BE PREPARED, NOT SCARED. I'm going to go watch the Grizzlies game with my family now!

Take care,

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