Friday, September 05, 2014

Feeling Like Fall Soon!

It's going to be a hot night for the first week of Football Friday Night. I'm expecting temperature to be in the mid and upper 80s at kickoff. Tomorrow a cold front comes in and it will make us feel more comfortable, but I'm looking more at the data for NEXT weekend. Take a look at this map:
This map shows the temperature departure from average for next Saturday night. If you notice, the purple area is dipping into Region 8. That shows temperatures 20 degrees below average! If you are like me, you are wondering of this cool air will arrive before next week's Football Friday Night. Well, at this time, it appears it will. This is a map showing the kickoff temperatures for next Friday night from the GFS model. Click to enlarge:
Keep in mind, this is model data and not Gospel. We are still several days out and this can change. I'll be really happy if we are at football games next Friday with 60s though!

Stay tuned and stay cool tonight.

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