Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baseball, Softball, and Farming... Soggy

I'm just as tired of the rain as many of you are these days. I did a little research this morning. This map shows how many inches ABOVE average we are in rainfall since March 1st. Click to enlarge:
As you can see, the areas in blue show where we are 4-7" ABOVE average since March 1st. This has greatly impacted baseball, softball, and farming.

This weekend, we still can't guarantee dry weather. It appears that the rain will be more "Scattered", but still a chance of rain. Many people want a specific forecast for their field, but that's impossible. Just know that rain is possible and rain will be nearby.

Tomorrow (Thursday) looks to be the driest day of the week, but that probably won't help many people.

Do not cancel your plans just yet. In fact, I still plan on being at the spring football game at ASTATE. I'm hoping the rain holds off or goes around Jonesboro. As far as the weekend goes, some games will be played across the state, but I would also expect some delays. It should not rain all day anywhere.

As of right now, we may dry out a little on Monday and Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

The blog is much easier to read on the updated app. Thank you for all the updates! Rain? Yes, we got a total of 4 inches at our house during the last big storm in Monday. We're north of the TV station on the county line. Speing to here! Rain is good if you planted grass seed! :-)