Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hot, But Not THAT Hot

It really has not been that hot this summer. I know many of you are throwing things at your phone and computer screen right now, but the reality of it is... it has not been that hot. In fact, if summer ended right now, it would be the summer with the coolest high temperature in 10 years:
If you look at the above graph, it shows that the highest temperature we have had so far this year is 97°. Yes, that is hot, but not as hot as we typically see as our hottest day of the year. Anyone recall 2011 when we went to 107°?

If we can make through the next few weeks, we MIGHT go a second year in a row without hitting 100°. That's pretty rare and an indication that the summer has not been that bad.

We will talk about rainfall in another blog post, but we are above normal on rainfall... so it has not been dry either!

Have a great week!

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