Tuesday, September 08, 2015

No 100° days in 2015!

I think it is safe to say that for the second year in a row, Jonesboro will not have a 100° day! This is a graphical summary of temperature for the meteorological summer for Jonesboro. Click to enlarge:
We had an odd summer where the hottest day came in June at 97° on the 24th. In August, we had several days below average. Part of the reason we had temperatures below average was because we had clouds and rainfall. Here's a graphical summary of rainfall for the meteorological summer in Jonesboro. Click image to enlarge:

As you can see, we were at or below average on precipitation for the year through June and then it started getting wetter, especially at the start of August! We had several wet days at the end of July and the start of August, including August 5th, which had 3.34" of rain in one day! The second half of August was rather dry though.

I think these big swings in weather will continue into the Winter months. I foresee days this Winter in the 70s, followed by cold snaps and snow. One week we will be in shorts sleeves and the next week we will be shoveling snow. If you missed my blog post about the upcoming winter based on the past, you should click here.

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