Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Record-Breaking Holiday Weekend Rainfall!

I'm so sick of rain. Last week, most of Region 8 had 5-7" of rainfall. Over the Holiday weekend, we could see that much rain AGAIN. In addition to watching the rainfall for travel, we may have record breaking rainfall! Below is the TOP 10 wettest months on record and the TOP 10 wettest Novembers on record:
So far this month, Jonesboro has had 7.89" of rainfall. We are EASILY going to be in the Top 10 wettest Novembers on record. In fact, we may easily be the 2nd wettest November by Sunday night. In addition, there is a high chance that we break into the Top 10 wettest overall months on record! To get into the Top 10, we only need 3.48" of rainfall. I'm confident we will see that much rain. We shall watch and wait, but I'm not sure this is a record I want to break.

Now, to the forecast. Here are my bullet points on this Tuesday morning:

  • Most of Thanksgiving Day is dry. Just spotty showers.
  • Friday is looking soggy! 2-3"of rain is likely to fall on Friday alone.
  • Saturday looks to have periods of steady rainfall. 1-2" of rain will fall.
  • Sunday looks similar to Saturday with another 1-2" of rainfall.
  • Total rainfall will be in the 4-7" range, if the forecast does not change.
  • One difference from last week is that we had a few rounds of heavy rain. This looks to be more of a prolonged steady rainfall. 
Here are a couple of images showing the "total rainfall" for the 4 day weekend. They are really coming into agreement and the confidence in our wet forecast is growing. 

The GFS has been the wettest. This might be overdone a little, but the GFS did well last week:
Here's the Euro. For awhile, it had Saturday and Sunday mostly dry. It's now starting to come in line with the GFS. Another model, the GEM, is also starting to line up with the GFS. Here's the Euro:

Stay dry!

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Community Fellowship Church said...

Rain will fill up the ponds for us cattle people. Just be safe if you have to travel.