Sunday, July 03, 2016

Timing of Storms Today

Good Sunday morning, everyone! Like many of you, my family has outdoor plans today. We are planning to float the river today, but I'm starting to think we may not beat the storms. It's going to be a last minute call! Anywho, let's talk about the threats and timing of the storms today. Here are the bullet points:

  • The areas with the best chance of storms today will be in our northern and northwestern parts of Region 8. See map below.
  • The greatest risk is lightning and gusty winds. Some hail is possible, like yesterday.
  • Storms should weaken by the evening.
  • Turn on your notifications to get the First Alert to approaching storms.
Let's dive into the details. First, here's where we think the greatest risk of severe weather will be today. Notice, it's a LOW to MEDIUM risk. Let's not panic. Some parts of Region 8 have NO risk of severe weather:
The storms will arrive near Lake Norfork first. Yesterday, a strong storm impacted Lake Norfork and that could happen again today. Don't cancel your plans, just have a way to take shelter as the storms pass through. Let's breakdown the timing:

Possible radar at 2:00PM:
Storms will continue to move into Region 8. Here's the possible radar image at 4:00 PM:
By the evening hours, these storms may start weakening. This is great news for the communities that will have fireworks tonight. We will watch radar closely. Here's 7:00 PM:
Once again, have a way to get weather information today. I'm not canceling my plans, so their may be a 4-5 hour window when I won't be tracking the storms, but Rachel Coulter will be keeping you updated! Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great day!


Mary Blount said...

Thanks Ryan that really helps and happy 4 to you to

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the info but being awakened at 8am on a holiday weekend Sunday morning not so much. I definitely want to get the weather alerts but no notifications for blog entries - can't seem to find how to turn off notifications for blog entries only.

Gail Baker said...

You are the best always keeping me informed of wether. Happy 4th to you and your family. Gail baker

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ryan! You are the blessed to live in an area where our meteorologists put so much into their work & caring about the safety of others...even on holidays and during "non-working" hours. Keep the notifications coming!

Anonymous said...

Turn your phone off or leave it in another room.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan and I hope that you and your family has a great weekend Thank You for the info.