Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Snow: It's Going To be LIGHT

This week's chance of wintry weather has already been a challenge and I'm sure it's going to try to throw a few more curve-balls before the weekend. Despite erroneous data out there, this does not look to be a huge storm. Here are my thoughts right now:

  • This will be in two waves. Some light snow is possible for areas around Jonesboro northward on Thursday and another chance of light snow on Friday afternoon and evening.
  • Neither chance should give us much snow.
  • Typically with the first snowflakes of the year, some people may freak out a little.
  • I'm not overly concerned with roads in Region 8.
  • At this time, I think kids will stay in school. With that said, I forecast weather and not superintendents. I've seen them cancel for a dusting in the past.
  • It's going to be COLD.
Let's dig into some simple maps. The first wave is fast moving with limited moisture. It may produce a dusting in our northern counties during the day on Thursday:
The next wave may give a dusting to our southern counties during the day on Friday. Notice, higher amounts are possible in Tennessee, and along the MS/AL borders. If you have travel plans, check roads conditions in those areas: 
As I said, this storm has been tricky, but we are not new to tricky forecasts in Region 8. If anything changes in our forecast, I will tell you immediately. Maybe it will be just enough to make some areas look like winter, but not enough to cause problems. At this time, this does not look like a snow we will plow, shovel, or even sled...


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