Monday, February 26, 2018

More Rain Coming

More rain is coming to Region 8, but the data is unsure of HOW MUCH. Here are my thoughts about the rain coming in:
  • Clouds increase on Tuesday.
  • Rain STARTS Tuesday evening in spots.
  • Rain off and on for Wednesday.
  • Severe threat is LOW
  • Flood Watch is in effect.
  • Rain moves out Thursday morning.
If we had not had 8-10" of rainfall last week, I would not be sweating the chance of rain too much. However, the rivers are rising and the ground is saturated. Any rain is not needed, at this time. That is why we have a Flood Watch. At this times, it appears that the GFS model is the most consistent. It shows the heaviest rain along and south of I40. I think this is very close to what will happen:
The Euro had the heaviest rain band setting up over the center of Region 8. It's pretty much the only model with this solution and shows the most rainfall for Region 8, with 2-3" in Jonesboro area:
And finally, the RPM shows the lightest rain in Region 8, but a ton of rain south of us:

I like doing these blogs, because it holds us and the model accountable!

Have a great day!


Bob Johnson said...

We're so soggy now at the ranch that any amount of rain is going to run off rapidly and flood our creeks, ponds and roads. But our biggest worry is the probability of large, leaning trees just on the verge of uprooting right now, will fall. Several already have, blocking roads for hours until either us or the county crew get around to cutting them up and off the road. And days of fixing fences for us should the tree fall across a fence. Then we get to chase cattle for a week.
On the other hand, we were awfully dry last summer and fall and our ground water levels were as low as I've ever seen them. Plus we had stock ponds and creeks that had gone completely dry. This rain solved that problem for awhile hopefully.
You can just never satisfy a cowboy. Ornery bunch aren't we?

ornery said...

ornery bunch

Terry Rogers said...

Bob Johnson,
I the event you have downed trees to cleanup, or want to remove those leaning trees
give me a call @870-476-5752. We are a fully licensed and insured company out of Paragould.

Terry Rogers

Bob's Jobs said...

Today is March 12,2018. Why does your blog have Feb. 26,2018, at the very top?