Friday, February 22, 2019

Severe Threat Shifting SE, But Still Needs Watching

This map shows some good news for parts of Region 8, but we are not letting our guard down and not changing our plans on coverage. I am still highly concerned for areas around Wynne to as far north as Blytheville.

Let's dive right into some maps. First, we will hear storms through the overnight, but they will have more BARK than BITE. This means... they will mainly just be loud. By 11AM, the atmosphere is prime for severe storms with damaging winds and possibly tornadoes. Just because the greatest threat is shifting SE, DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN ANYWHERE IN REGION 8:
In addition to the storms, I'm worried about the wind outside of the storms. We call this "gradient winds" because they are the winds that are dependent on the gradient between high and low pressure. During the daytime hours, they will gust over 40 mph from the south...
As go into the overnight, the winds gust from the NW over 40 mph:
With SATURATED ground, this will be like wiggling loose teeth on trees! I would not be surprised to have trees down and power outages from the winds alone. We will also be watching for that threat.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ryan for having our backs... not gonna lie... when you get”concerned”, I get a little nervous! I know the weather team will be watching and keeping us updated. Thanks again for all you so

Anonymous said...

If it's suppose to be raining before the line of storms come through won't that help lower our chance for severe storms?