Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Lights & A Final Thought

My neighborhood puts on the high pressure for every house to be lit up. In fact, the weekend after Thanksgiving, I was cornered by two of my neighbors asking where my lights were! Scary, huh! LOL (It's all in good fun!)

The first time I got on the roof, I almost had a panic attack. The roof is much steeper than it looks! I can remember climbing onto roofs as a kid and not having a worry in the world! What happened!?! By the 4-5 time on the roof, I felt like a pro (above picture). You would not have seen a smile on my face the first time, let alone both of my hands off of the roof!

Do you know any good houses to go see? I want too see some REALLY lit up homes! Email me at and I will compose a list on the blog. I have about 3-4 that I will share on the blog too. The list will come out in the next few days, so get your entries in! Take a digital picture too, if possible.

And my final thought... If you have Bible scripture attached to your email signature, do not write hateful emails. You make all of us Christians look bad! We get a lot of hateful emails in the TV biz, it's a shame that we get hateful ones with scripture at the bottom of the page. (But us TV folks need to watch our responses too...;) )

Have a great day everyone! I'm on vacation for several more days. I'm not doing much... just sitting at home, shopping, and trying to grow a beard!



Anonymous said...

Hey, I like that hat. Is it a designer original? I can't wait to see the house. When we were little Daddy always put red lights on our house. Those old big fat red lights. See you tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

I like that you went with the big lights. I bet they look really good. You should post a night picture, maybe with the whole family!!!
You are right Ryan we all nedd to watch what we say, because we never know who's listening or reading. Have a fun time off.

Anonymous said...

About five miles from my house, there is a cul-de-sac where everyone puts up lots of lights. They call it "Candy Cane Lane." Not only do they have lights all around the houses, garages, and gazebos, they also have lit-up circles on the lawns with wooden skaters, Santa and all the reindeer, including Rudolph, Christmas trees, snowmen, and a candy cane factory with elves. The whole street is bordered with huge candy canes stuck in the ground. The five last houses on the street participate. It's amazing.

If you lived on Candy Cane Lane, they would have been hounding you the day after Thanksgiving - no excuses!

Anonymous said...


So you're telling me that it is inconsistent to cuss the weatherman in an email and then to have "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you - Matthew 7:12" listed as my email signature? I guess I need to make a note of that. :) You wouldn't believe some of the emails I've gotten over my years in ministry from church folks. The thing is that a person can drop a bomb in an email that he or she would never have the guts to drop in person. Getting an email like that always makes me feel good on the inside. Seriously, thanks for the good message and timely reminder.