Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lower Dewpoints May Equal Relief

It's been 41 days since the temperature in Jonesboro has dropped below 70 degrees! That's OVERALL temperature. Lows/Highs/Whatever.

Some relief is trying to move into the Region tonight and that is going to help us see some relief. The above graphic is showing the dewpoints over the next week (click to enlarge). Each line represents a model output and the green line is the NWS forecast.Notice the downward trend over the next 24 hours. This is very important. The lower the dewpoint, the less muggy it is across the area. ALSO, the overnight low can not drop below the dewpoint, SO this opens the door for cooler overnight lows!

So... will we drop below 70 on the temperature? I think we will. It will be somewhere between 65-70 (so it will be close), BUT Tuesday morning may be the most refreshing morning in quite awhile. If we miss it, then the 70+ overall temperature will continue for another week. If you notice, the dewpoint shoots back up on Tuesday... slamming the door on an opportunity for overnight lows into the 60s.

In other news, Tropical Depression #5 is spinning about near the Gulf Coast. That may play into our forecast this week too. Stay tuned, the weather is a little more interesting and variable this week!

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