Monday, October 11, 2010

Why It May Rain...

This evening, we have an upper level low in Kansas. It's giving them some showers and storms and THAT low is heading in our direction. These images are graphics that we do not show on air because many think you guys don't care... Maybe you don't, who knows! Anywho, in the above image (click to enlarge) you are looking at a graphic that shows where the upper-low is this evening. The oranges, red, and yellows show the vorticity or spin in the atmosphere. You can clearly see the low/disturbance is centered over SE Kansas. This next image is for tomorrow evening...
Notice it "opens up" a little as indicated by less contours. This is a sign of weakening as it moves SE. That's why I don't expect as much rain as what we saw in Kansas today. Even though it is weakening, notice that the low comes right over Arkansas. Given the track of the low, we should still see some scattered showers. If you see rain, email some pics or upload them to THE LOOP on

Have a good evening!

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