Monday, May 16, 2011

30s In The Middle of May!

While I do NOT think anyone will see frost and I do NOT think we will go into the 30s in most of Region 8, there will be some isolated areas that go into the upper 30s over the next two mornings. The above image shows tomorrow morning and notice the 30s dipping into northwest and north-central Arkansas. (Click image to enlarge). With that said, there is a little "50" near Jonesboro. I have 40s in the forecast for Jonesboro, but some areas will be very close to 50. This next map is Wednesday morning:
This map does not look too different from Tuesday morning, but notice the warming to the southwest. That warmer air will overspread Region 8 later this week.

Stay warm over the next few mornings. Shorts for the kids at school is not a good idea until Thursday!


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