Monday, June 20, 2011

Active Weather This Week and A Little Cooler

It's still warm and muggy across Region 8 today, but some changes are coming this week and it looks rather active. First off, let's look at the projected 5 day precipitation forecast from the HPC (Hydrological Prediction Center). Notice they project 1.50-2.00" of rain in Region 8 over the next 5 days:
In addition to this rainfall, we will see a change in temperature due to an increase in clouds and rain, but also from cooler/drier air working in from the north. Here are the projected 1 PM temperatures via the GFS model for today:
Not only will it be warm today, but the mugginess is with us as well. The map below is the projected Dewpoints for tomorrow, which really shows the muggy air pooling ahead of the storm system. Dewpoints in the 70s translates into some VERY muggy air... which is typical for us in the Summer months:
Now... let's watch the change unfold... Look at the dewpoints by the end of the Wednesday. Do you see the 50s and 60s on the dewpoint moving in on Wednesday? That's the change:
By the end of the week, the temperatures will start getting cooler. Here are the temperatures on Thursday. Can you see that colder air in Northern MO? Will it make it here? Some of it will...
By Friday, the cooler air really starts working in... With rain chances, clouds, and cooler air "advecting" into Region 8, here are the projected 1PM temperatures via the GFS model at 1PM on Friday:
NOW.. This is NOT a BLAST of cold air. It's NOT that huge of a change, but it will be better than the 100 degree weather we had! While we transition weather patterns this week, we will see some decent rain chances.

I'm leaving for Alaska/Canada tomorrow morning and will be blogging from the trip. We're expecting clouds, highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s on our trip!

Have a great week!

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