Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Way To Alaska, Catch up Post

Sorry that I could not blog on my Alaska/Canada Trip! I should have known that data was limited! Anywho, let me take you through the trip over the next few posts.

The above image is from the Chicago airport last Tuesday. We were under a TORNADO WARNING while on the jet on the taxiway. This warning came after we sat on the jet for 2 1/2 hours for weather delays! When the tornado warning was issued, they did not want to let us off of the jet to go inside! They pilot said we would be safer on the jet and said... "It's only a warning". I assume he does not know the difference between a watch and warning. Anywho, they finally let us off.

While waiting for the jet to take off, I snapped this shot of all of the jets grounded:
To make a LONG story short... we finally took another flight and arrived in Seattle at 2:30 AM, which was 4:30 AM our time! When we arrived, we did not have our luggage!!! 6 others from our group traveled on the same route we did and three were without luggage as well!

To be continued,

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Sam Vaughan said...

I might have had to go "Red Neck" on that captain that said that I was safer on that airplane that was full of jet fuel,then in the terminal,in the bathroom,in a mop closet!!!