Saturday, January 21, 2012

Severe Threat Sunday, January 21

It's been a chilly day across Region 8, but that will change! Much warmer is going to overspread Region 8 through Sunday as a warm front lives north. Here is the weather map for Sunday evening:
Notice the point where the occluded front, warm front, and cold front intersect in Arkansas. This is the "Triple point" and a focal point of severe weather. As I glance at the data this afternoon, it is clear that there will be a window of unstable air on Sunday evening. Notice the peak of CAPE. CAPE is the energy for strong storms. It peaks around 7PM:
Let me summarize this into simple bullet points that answer everything you need to know!

  • The threat exist for anywhere in Region 8, but especially areas closer to the MS River and eastward.
  • The threat will be late Sunday and Sunday Night.
  • This may come after sunset! Review your severe weather plans!
  • Main threat is damaging winds, but hail and tornadoes are possible as well.
I fully expect to be at work Sunday evening with Bryan Mccormick. Follow me on TWITTER at @ryanvaughan for the absolute latest info! A feed is on the right side of this page. ALSO, Follow @Region8News for instant warnings!


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