Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Better Rain Chances

We're transitioning to that time of the year when we look for the slightest little disturbance to spark off some storms. I calls these disturbances hiccups in the atmosphere. They are a little hard to pinpoint and it's hard to determine just how much rain and storms they may bring, but we typically increase the rain chances as these hiccups move through. In the above image, do you see the moisture to our SW? That's associated with the hiccup that will move through late tonight. Here's some computer model data pinpointing when and where this little disturbance could be...
It's subtle, but there is a little "vorticity" moving through tomorrow morning. The blue shows the hiccup in the atmosphere. It's just enough that some storms should develop and we are increasing our rain chances. Another weak disturbance comes through later to give more rain chances.


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