Monday, January 07, 2013

Very Active Weather Ahead

When we move into the Winter months, the weather patterns have a tendency to move quicker. The weather runs the risk of becoming a roller-coaster with big swings in temperatures. I blogged a couple of days ago about the brutal cold we're expecting around January 18-19th and I still believe that will happen... But, we have a lot of weather to deal with before we get there! In fact, parts of the state may be in the 70s before that blast of cold air! The above graphic shows the model trends upward over the next few days before heading back down! In addition, we may have a couple of heavy rain events to help wash away this the sand and salt from the Mistlesnow Blizzard.  This graphic shows the GFS model giving us almost 6" of RAIN before next week.

I don't want to get people too concerned yet, but we'll have to watch the temperatures closely next week. In the pattern that we are seeing, shallow, cold air could lead to some icing. We'll worry about that later though...

Have a great week and stay tuned to the weather! It's going to be a fun ride!


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Unknown said...

I agree with you Ryan. It is goin to be and interesting between now and the 18th.