Thursday, January 10, 2013

Watching Sunday Night & Monday Closer...

I had almost discounted a changeover to freezing rain on Sunday night into Monday, but I've stayed up late tonight to watch the European model come in. It shows the shallow cold air dipping into Region 8 before the precipitation moves out. Let me start with where the freezing line is at 6AM on Monday morning according to the Euro:

The white line is the 32 degree line and with this setup, I think it may be even farther south than shown by this model, BUT will the precip still be lingering around. The Euro says... yes. Below shows the precip. I have circled the area that shows precip with 32 or below temperatures. The line (dotted blue) that shows where the atmosphere would be cold enough for all snow is still well northwest of the precip:
This is just a model, but it caught my eye enough to do a quick blog. Even as I type this, I'm watching the data come in. It keeps the Freezing rain in here for most of Monday. Whoa boy... stay tuned!

I'm sleepy, so excuse any typos!

Good night!

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Michael White said...

Thanks for keeping us informed.