Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow is Close, But Just Rain...

When you get an upper-level low to swing right over your state, the forecast can become difficult. Mainly because you have a pool of cold air aloft that can support some surprise snow for somebody! It think we will be safe this time, though. As Bryan McCormick talked about through the weekend, the surface temperatures should stay warm enough to prevent any surprises. The storm does look a little slower than it looked when I left work on Friday. Here's how it breaks down. Rain really starts moving in here this evening:

The above image is the RPM model at 9PM. You can clearly make out the Low in Eastern OK. In fact, dry air may already be pushing in from the south. This shows showers and storms really pushing in from the Southwest. Let's fast-forward to the middle of the night...
By 1AM, we will likely have snow falling in NW Arkansas in spots and in SW Missouri. Look how close the heavy the snow is to Region 8! Whew! Looks like we will be dealing with rain and maybe some thunder, but no snow. The snow goes down to TX!
Tomorrow morning, heavy snow is passing north of us in Missouri. We will still have some leftover showers, but drier air will be moving in from the SW. I still would not rule out some flakes of snow in the Ozarks or South-Central MO.

Overall, it's not a big deal for us, but a HUGE problem NW of us! If you have travel plans in that direction over the next 24 hours, reconsider.


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