Thursday, May 02, 2013

Record Breaking Snow?

If it snows in Northwest Arkansas tonight or tomorrow morning, it will be the latest snow in the state of Arkansas on record! Since records were kept, it has never snowed in Arkansas in the month of May. The latest "accumulating" snow was 0.2" at Corning on April 24, 1910 and the latest non accumulating snow was in Fayetteville, Gravette, Harrison on April 30, 1903. I did some research to actually SEE the report of the latest accumulating snow in Corning from 1910. Take a look for yourself by clicking to enlarge:

Sure enough, it snow on April 24th, 1910 in Corning, AR! While it is interesting to note that the measurement was scribbled out and changed, it shows that they had a dusting! Look at the "remarks" as well. It talks about how the farmers were WAY behind because of the rain and cool temperatures. Sound familiar?

I love looking back at old weather data. I hope you enjoy it as well. I'll be showing this on Region 8 News tonight, so tune in!



Cotton Rohrscheib said...

As much as I'd like for summer to get here, it'd be pretty cool to be able to say, "hey, remember that time it snowed in May?"

Ms. L said...

Wow! I think it's fascinating how the history of weather records can tie us to people long ago.