Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Changes Heading Into July?

It's hot and we will stay hot over the next couple of days, but the data is suggesting a CHANGE by next week. The map below shows "Temperature Anomaly" or the difference from the average. Notice, we are slightly above average now by 2-6 degree. The hottest day this week will likely be Thursday with highs in the upper 90s.
Now, let's look at the modeled temperature anomalies for next week. How does 10-12 degrees BELOW average sound for the first week of July? The map below is for Tuesday, July 2nd. That would easily have highs in the low 80s, if it verified.
We will keep a close eye on the data over the next few days, but it's looking good so far. These are just models. We still have to wait and see, but the 4th of July could be the most comfortable in years. Let's hope.


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