Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Liberty Bank Stadium in 3D

We recently got a new suite of weather graphic computers and they are incredible. One of the features of the system is to incorporate 3D models into a graphic. In a bigger city, this can be really fun because most of the buildings have a 3D model associated with them. In NE Arkansas, there are only a couple of buildings on Google Earth that are in 3D and they appear to have been class projects at Paragould High School and Valley View.

Last week, I sent a tweet out asking if anyone knew where I could get a 3D model of Liberty Bank Stadium. To be honest, I had found a 3D model of Razorback stadium (which I used last night) and really wanted one of The Vault to avoid complaints and phone calls. (Yes, I would get phone calls if one forecast graphic looked better than the other.)

Anywho, a guy named Jeffrey Hughey tweeted me and said that he can build one. So, Bryan McCormick and I went to LBS and took several pictures from all angles of the stadium. In just a couple of days, Jeffrey had the model built and yesterday I made this graphic with it!

To see all of his work, check out his website at:

So, after bugging my friends at ASU for a long time about this, we tackled the problem! I wonder if Mr. Hughey wants to build the Convocation Center for basketball season? :)

Here's a cool benefit of this project, as well... Once Google approves the 3D model in the next few days, you will see it when you use Google Earth! Cool, eh?

Am I too excited about graphics?


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