Friday, September 20, 2013

It's Raining!

It's been awhile since we have had a nice and steady rainfall, but many locations will see a good soaking today. As with most things in life, we like getting rain, but we don't need too much! Many farmers have told me that seeing some rain today is not going to be bad thing, but we do not need too much. Many people that have plans to go to football games want the rain gone by 7PM! So, let's dive into the data. First off, most of the data was showing less than an inch until last night's data. Now, most is showing 1.00-1.50", with isolated higher amounts.
Judging by radar trends this morning and reported amounts so far, I think most locations will get over 1.00" of rainfall. What about timing? The rain is already overspreading most of Region 8 at 8AM which may mean it will get out of here faster, right? Well, maybe. It does appear the system is moving faster, but many spots may still have some rain at kickoff at 7PM. Our "Game of the Week" is at the Nettleton/Valley View game. I still plan on being there for the Academy Sports Gameday Forecast, but if storms are still lingering... I'll be at the radar screen. Stay tuned.

I'll be giving updates throughout the day on Twitter at @ryanvaughan

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