Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LIVE News and Weather Video On Our Apps

A lot of people have asked how to watch our newscasts on our Apps. I'm very proud that KAIT has always lead the way on streaming video in the state of Arkansas. We were the first television station in the state to stream our newscasts and severe weather coverage on all platforms. While I do not have an Android device, I'm sure the Apps are very similar. Let me show you where to find the live video feed on our Apple Apps.

First, here is a screen shot of the Region 8 News App for an iPad. The link is at the bottom of the page and is titled "LIVE VIDEO". That is available for severe weather coverage, also! 
If you have the KAIT, Region 8 Storm Team App for iPad, click the "VIDEO" tab at the top of the page and you will have two options for live video at the bottom. One has closed captioning for our viewers that are hearing impaired. 
 Now, let's talk about the Apps for your iPhone. The screen shot below is our Storm Team weather App. If you open it, slide the bottom line to "Video" and click it, you will then have several options. You can get the latest recorded weather segments OR if it is newscast time, you can watch the newscast LIVE. This is also available during severe weather.
We also offer this service on our KAIT news App. When you open the App, wait about 3 seconds and a link will pop up that says "LIVE VIDEO". Click that link during newscast times or during severe weather coverage and we will be there!

If you have any questions about watching LIVE video on our Apps, feel free to email me at OR tweet me at @ryanvaughan


Anonymous said...

thought you might like to know that the ipad app used to watch the news is getting really bad about freezing.

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